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Henry Leland founded Cadillac in 1902, naming it after the founder of Detroit. By 1908, Cadillac had come up with the idea of interchangeable parts and introduced it to the automobile industry. This helped set the foundation for what would be the modern mass production of automobiles. Cadillac was at the forefront of many technological advances, from a steel roof to full electrical systems. The Cadillac was also the first US car to win the Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automotive Club due a successful demonstration of the interchangeable parts during a reliability test. It was because of this that the slogan “Standard of the World” was born. Cadillac was also the first company to offer a passenger car with a fully enclosed cabin in 1910. The production of the V8 engine was also something that set the standard for the American automotive industry, which was introduced in 1915. The first ever Car of the Year award was presented to Cadillac in 1949. With major markets still in the United States, Canada, and China, the brand is still going strong and producing luxury vehicles that people are proud to own.


Like any other vehicle, Cadillacs are not immune to wear and tear. Eventually, you will need to get a replacement part or maintenance part for your ride. Make sure when you shop for Cadillac parts, you’re making the investment in OEM quality. OEM Cadillac parts are made according to manufacturer guidelines and will give you a high level of quality so you can make repairs without hesitation. Find the right genuine Cadillac parts for you here on our site!

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