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In 1911 Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant became partners and built the Chevrolet Motor Company. Chevrolet was an automotive engineer and race car driver, and Durant had been the founder of the General Motors division of automobiles. The first Chevy factory was located in Flint Michigan, and the first production vehicle was made in 1913. This is where the Chevy bowtie logo first appeared in an advertisement. The Chevrolet Company eventually merged into General Motors as its own division in 1918, when their first truck was also introduced. The company eventually overtook Ford sales in 1927. The brand produced an independent front suspension in 1934 that was considered to be “revolutionary engineering” for a value-priced automobile. In 1948, “advance design” pickup trucks were introduced and some of the design inspirations of these vehicles remained relevant throughout the years. The brand had great influence over the market in America during the 1950’s and 60’s with the production of the Corvette and the production of the small-block V8 engine, which is still made today. The brand has remained popular in the automobile world, producing a range of both trucks and cars.


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