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American automotive company Chrysler traces its beginnings back to the 1920’s with the establishment of the Chrysler Corporation. The brand was behind many engineering innovations, as the original 1924 Chrysler included things like a carburetor air filter, high-compression engine, and oil filter. Many cars at the time did not come with these types of features. The brand also developed the first mass-produced four-wheel hydraulic brakes. They also had a six-cylinder vehicle that was introduced at the 1924 New York Automobile Show that was considered revolutionary. The corporation divided their vehicles by price class and function, and the Plymouth brand was introduced as affordable options in the market. This led to the corporation gaining popularity in the industry. The brand also played a key role in supporting the US military during World War II. Chrysler helped to build more than 25,000 tanks during the war. The 50’s and 60’s led to the pioneering of a “muscle car” that started with the C-300 that featured a 300 horsepower hemi V-8 engine. The brand eventually merged with Fiat in 2014 and what was known as Chrysler Group LLC became known as FCA US LLC. 


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