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In 1903, Henry Ford established American automotive corporation known as the Ford Motor Company. There were twelve investors at the time the company was established. Up until 1908, there were several models produced. It wasn’t until 1908 when the Model T was produced that the company saw massive success in the car industry. It was the first mass produced vehicle and millions sold over the next twenty years. The production of these first vehicles were what helped Ford introduce methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars using assembly lines. Across the world, these methods were known as “Fordism.” Eventually, the Model T was replaced with the Model A in 1927. This car was the first that featured safety glass in the windshield. The first Ford with a V-8 engine was launched in 1932. The brand was able to stay afloat and survive the Great Depression and still remains a profitable, powerful force in the automotive industry. Throughout the years, the Ford motor company has remained owned by members of the Ford family and is considered to be the largest family-controlled company in the world. 


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