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The history of GMC dates back to 1902 when the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was founded. The Rapid trucks were some of the first commercial trucks manufactured. In 1908, William Durant, the founder of General Motors, began buying stock in the Rapid company. Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was soon fully under General Motors and eventually merged with Reliance Motor Company to form the General Motors Truck Company. The name ‘GMC Truck’ was eventually used in 1912 at New York’s Auto Show. GMC Truck went on to produce 600,000 trucks for use during World War II. The brand continued producing vehicles, like “dream trucks” in the late 1950’s and early 60’s (Suburban Pickup, Wideside pickup, Handi Van). The manufacturer premiered their first SUV in 1970 and celebrated 75 years of production in 1977. Throughout the years, GMC has continued to be well known and loved for their durable and powerful line of trucks and utility vehicles. The slogan “We are Professional Grade,” fits the brand well.

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