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The Jeep brand of vehicles was born out of a need in the 1940s for durable vehicles that could be used by soldiers in World War II. The first lightweight military 4x4 was introduced in 1941 and was the primary vehicle used by the troops during this time. They are known as the oldest four-wheel drive mass-produced SUVs. They were known for being tough and fast, able to handle all kind of terrain. The marque is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, where the first civilian branded Jeeps began production in 1945. This was known as the CJ-2A. These were produced for four decades in several styles and generations before eventually being replaced by the popular Wrangler model in 1986. Eventually, the brand was acquired by Chrysler, and the 1990’s brought with it a large interest in SUVs. Jeep introduced the Grand Cherokee in 1992 as a premium model in the lineup. The Jeep brand eventually became a division housed under the FCA US LLC, or the Fiat Chrysler Automobile corporation. 

The Jeep lineup still continues to live up to their slogan of “Go Anywhere. Do Anything,” by producing durable cars that can handle any road. If you drive a Jeep, you want to make sure you are investing in replacement parts and accessories made for your specific model. We sell OEM Jeep parts and accessories here on our site so you can make repairs with confidence! 


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