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The Mercury division of vehicles was created back in 1938 and marketed as an entry-level premium brand throughout the years. Edsel Ford created the division to help try and bridge the price gap between the Ford and Lincoln brands. The first Mercury 8s arrived and were offered in four different body styles. The cars gained popularity for their acceleration and speed, and by 1942, the Mercury was offered in six different body styles. In 1945, the Lincoln-Mercury division was created to put some distinction between the Ford line. During the “Total Performance” era in the 60’s, the S-55 and Marauder were introduced as a part of the Mercury lineup. The 70’s introduced the Grand Marquis, which became the best-selling nameplate of the division. Ford announced that the Mercury division would be discontinued in the summer of 2010 so the company could focus on the Ford and Lincoln brands. The last Mercury vehicle was sent off the assembly line in January 2011. 

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