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The history of Nissan began in 1911, founded under the name Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works and producing its first car in 1914. There were several name changes throughout the 20’s before, in 1934, Nissan Motor Company was used.  The Nissan Datsun was produced in 1935 at the Yokohama plant. Cars began getting exported to Australia in the same year. Through World War II, Nissan switched to producing trucks and military vehicles instead of passenger cars. A lot of the production operations were seized by allied occupation forces and full control didn’t get back to Nissan until after a decade. Nissan became the first Japanese automaker to win a prize for engineering excellence in 1960. This helped the company grow tremendously throughout the 1960’s. Exports of fuel-efficient Japanese cars rose due to the energy crisis, and the brand was extremely successful in the United States. The brand has continued to retain popularity and kept a focus on innovation, becoming the world’s largest electrical vehicle manufacturer. The LEAF is the top selling in the fully electric lineup.

Whether you drive one of the best-selling electric vehicles produced by Nissan or another popular model in the lineup, it’s important that you use OEM parts to make repairs. OEM parts are going to be made with the same quality materials as the parts used on your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line. Shop our selection of OEM Nissan parts.

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