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Olds Motor Vehicle Co. was founded back in 1897 by Ransom Olds in Lansing, Michigan. Four cars were produced in the first year. A second company, Olds Motor Work, was founded and moved to Detroit in 1899, and the Oldsmobile name was first used. There was a massive fire at the factory in 1901, where only one vehicle was saved. This was known as the “Curved Dash” model, and all of the production resources were poured into the development of it after the fire. The Oldsmobile Curved Dash became the first mass-produced car made from the first assembly line - something that is often associated with the Ford Motor Company mistakenly.  The final Curved Dash rolled off the line in 1907, and General Motors purchased the company in 1908. Oldsmobile produced the 1910 Limited Touring, which was a prestige model in the lineup. By 1935, the company had produced over one million vehicles. In 1997, they celebrated their 100th anniversary. While it had a long run, the division was eventually shut down in 2004. Oldsmobile had been the oldest surviving American marque until that point.

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