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The Pontiac lineup of vehicles was first introduced by General Motors in 1926. It was initially introduced to be a companion to the Oakland division of vehicles, but the Oakland lineup was eventually overtaken by Pontiac sales and ceased production in 1932. Through the early 1950s, Pontiacs were known as quiet and solid cars. They were made with flathead straight eight engines, which were heavier than the popular V8s but less expensive to produce. The brand didn’t gain massive popularity until the 1950’s, when there was a focus on heightened performance. Pontiacs were known as “wide-track” models, meaning the wheels were pushed apart to accommodate the low and wide bodywork the designers were creating. Pontiac produced some of their top-selling and most popular cars during the 1950’s and early 1970’s included the GTO and Firebird. Performance started to drop for the brand in the late 1970’s, and by 2008, GM had announced it would be discontinuing manufacturing of Pontiac models like it had done so with Oldsmobile. 

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